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This is the table of contents for the first issue of dashit! in the future, you can click here to get to the list of all issues available, but right now, there's just this, and the pre-release issue #0. Listed here are all the main articles in the print zine... Click away!

table o' contents

Mail Bag - we gots a letter!

cyberfunnies - humour gathered from various sources on the internet

Have a Good Day, Don't Bang Your Head! - the continuing misadventures of El Stunno. Don't ask me to explain, just read it.

a message from the Pope - Pope Besame Coula III rants about whatever's pissing him off at the moment.

contest! - the "Name that Gecko" contest is now closed. winners will be announced soon.

Anarchy - a mission statement of sorts. Original version by Fred Woodworth.

Listening Booth - album reviews by Josh Hogan. with a few fill-ins by Kevin.

demolisten - independant music reviewed by Kevin Clow.

alt.vidgames.jl - Video Game reviews. this month, PSX vs N64

Crappucino - what you need to know. a rant from Kevin.

Ads - most zines print ads to pay the bills. we just like to promote stuff we like!

Links! - hey, how many decent web sites don't have some sort of links page? very few.

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