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the psycotic ramblings of El Stunno
smile! Okay, here's a kinda different El Stunno thing for the internet zine. You know what I mean.
Like a .com thing, yeah.
Low Counter Award Iím not really stupid
I just kinda do the wrong things sometimes at the wrong times. You know, like when you hear a song you really, really like, and you get right into it (but you gotta remember, you're right into this song, like Big Time), and you start singing along out loud (sometimes dancing, too), and you just happen to be at work. God, that sucks so much. That happens to everyone, or something like that.
El Stunno 
El Stuno 
umm, I really still donít know the difference.
See, thatís why Iím kinda Ďduhí, but I swear, itís not my fault. I just kinda donít know some things. So Big Deal, who knows everything?
Iím just kinda one of those ones whoís worse off.
I lucked out, pretty much, but Iím really getting tired of bashing myself. Like Ďduh!í
I really kinda suck at the Ďsubject of the articleí thing, so i just write about what goes on in this shittown city I live in. I canít believe Summerside is a Ďcityí. Like, Ďokayí
Anyway, back to the subject of the article thing. Itís just gonna be some really funny things that happen in the life of El Stuno... Stunno... Stunonon...... whatever
Umh... "hi" I guess. El Stunno.. or is it Stuno? oh, my head hurts. this is gonna be harder than I thought at first. Now , what to write about. Ummm... (insert like 20 minutes of Ďumm, okayí) I donít really know a lot of the subjects allowed in this, so Iíll talk - well, write I guess - about stuff. Like, stuff noone else talks about to find out about it. You know, like things like Ďdying your hairí You know, from dark blonde to light brown to like black. or from a dark blonde to a blondish brown. Drastic change is a good thing. Itís kinda a boost. But it really kills your hair and every now and then it may tend to get really dry, eh?

um... well i guess thatís it for now, bye!
El Stunno
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