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get yer goggles Want to submit an article, commentary, review, or some form of creative writing? Want to write a letter telling us how much we suck, or what we actually did right? Are you just lonely and desperate for someone to write to? Well, there are 2 main ways to contact dashit! the easiest way, since you're already on the internet, would be to send email to dashit@pei.sympatico.ca. Snailmail is the other obvious way to go, and you can send anything you like to:
Dash It!
po box 20006
s'side, pe
c1n 5z3
one other option is something called ICQ. if you don't know what it is, go to www.mirabilis.com. it's a great service for people who want to keep track of pals on the net. dashit! does not have its own ICQ account, but feel free to add me, your humble editor-in-chief, Kevin Clow to your user list. I am Kipps at 16062692.

a few guidelines. first of all, censorship sucks, and everything submitted will be considered. however, profanity should be kept to a minimum. sometimes, there is no good reason to say "shitty" when "crappy" would be good enough, or "horrible" would actually sound more intelligent. I'm not saying to censor yourself, just don't be vulgar for no good reason. Also, submitting something is not a guarantee it will be printed, although if it's any good, chances are pretty high that it will. anyone who submits something will be contacted to let them know what issue their submission will be in, and what editing, if any has taken place. editing in most cases will be for clarity, space, grammar and spelling, without affecting intent and content. when submitting anything, please include your real full name, your complete mailing address, and, if you feel comfortable with it, your home phone number (the easiest way to contact you to approve of any editing). also, your email address, ICQ # and any other information is always helpful.

the above po box is also the place to send any independant music you'd like reviewed, as the Editor-in-chief is also the demolisten man. all music submitted will be reviewed, but if there's a lot of music to review, it may be a few months before your review sees print.