dashit! mailbag
dashit mailbag

Greetings! Welcome to the first Ďofficialí installment of dashit!ís mail bag. It seems to be the tradition in conventional magazines for the editor to use the first bit of a letters page to make any announcements or say anything he or she feels necessary. First of all, I should probably explain the name of this little zine. Itís not "da shit", which is sort of street talk for "the best". Itís "dash it!", sort of British for "damn it!", a mild curse at a screwed up world

The other thing I feel I must mention is that the first few issues will contain reprints of some articles originally appearing in the pre- release issue #0 (this issue, the Anarchism outline is reprinted). This is mainly because many people reading this never had a chance to read issue #0. Also, youíll probably notice many format changes if you did happen to read issue #0. "Funny Pages" has been reduced to a page, cyberfunnies. This is an attempt to make better use of space, such as giving a full page to 3 articles that were previously only allowed a half-page. However, nothing is written in stone, and suggestions are always welcome. Well, Iíve babbled enough for now, it appears that for this issue, we actually have a letter, so lets get on with it, shall we? Our first letter is from Steven McKenna of Summerside, in response to a Note of Appreciation from the Rich:

Placing all the blame upon the "upper class" is hardly a step towards 
solving the problems of the social gap.  After all, weren't the upper 
classes born into their assigned places along with the rest of us?? 
Perhaps the manner in which the rich manipulate the poor is just as 
unconscious as the way in which the poor submit to the rich.  To merely 
place the blame upon a visible, easy target (the rich) is no more 
productive (in my humble opinion) than blaming blacks, women and 
homosexuals.   So, maybe we should try to look at the class problem from 
a different perspective, one that doesn't lay the blame so easily. 
Good points, but Iíd like to put in my 2 cents worth, too. It seems to me that the point of the article wasnít to tell us who we should blame, but to get us to stop blaming others and start making our own changes.

Well, we need more letters, so donít be shy, speak your mind. Hasta la Mata fer now!

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