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The scene: Juliannaís Restaurant, here in Summerside, PEI. This place has great food, but... well, just keep reading, youíll see. Iím eating some of the best minestrone soup Iíve ever had, when I start to notice a queasy feeling in my stomach. I know itís not the food. It takes me a few moments to realize itís the background music. I approach the head waiter and ask him to turn the radio down. "My apologies, your holiness, but itís not the radio, itís tonightís entertainment." This has to be one of the loosest definitions of the word "entertainment" known to man. Kenny Driscoll, this pretty boy, puppy-dog eyed pianist/singer, seems to be equally inspired by John Tesh, Yanni, Michael W. Smith and every really bad commercial jingle ever written. When you see his photo in the flyers which litter this city, advertising his CD or his way too frequent appearances at Juliannaís, what you see through his eyes is little more than his Rush Limbaugh sized ego I canít confirm if this is true or not, but I heard that a kid threatened to change religions because his parents had booked Driscoll to play the bar mitzvah.

Well, just talking about this, I need to go get a refill of Rolaids©. Until next time, be good and God Bless...
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