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other zines and stuff

unamerican activities - even though Dash It is a Canadian thing, represents the philosophy that Dash It has been trying to spread since its inception. Please visit there now.

Stained Productions - i'm obligated to like this because my big brother, Greg (and his lovely wife, Sheryl) run it, and i'll be noogied into oblivion if i don't.

FTP site - this FTP has a bit ol' shitload of text-only zines. About half of the columns in issue #4 of Dash It are from zines on that site.

Stay Free! - print zine dedicated to critiquing mass media, alt.rock, sex fetishism, homeless club kids, whatever else.

Dogbutt! - we're not sure what the hell this is.

Fade to Black - online comedy magazine. Features "Where's Christ?" the first God searching simulation on the Internet, in the spirit of "Where's Waldo?"

web stuff!

Yahoo! is a supercool search engine and directory. there are other search engines that some people seem to prefer, but there's no need to link to them here, because Yahoo! links to all the important ones.

The Internet Movie Database - Who played Bert and Ernie in "It's a Wonderful Life"? What do "E.T." and "Moby Dick" have in common? What was Leonardo DiCaprio doing before "Romeo + Juliet"? find out here.


sevex ONLINE - a little low on content right now, but very attractive and well-designed web site. Pokemon, artwork, games and linkage.

Generation XX - Local youth club with supercool music events happening. Check out Gigzilla 98.

Too Much Coffee Man - his powers come from coffee and cigarette abuse.

Useless Fact of the Day! - Join the Useless Fact of the Day mailing list, enter the Usless Lie contest, or just browse through the Usless Fact Library.

Strong Coffee - a Yahoo! search found 22 categories and 1821 sites for coffee. I picked this page for no particular reason.