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"Order is the daughter, not the mother, of liberty" - P. J. Proudhoun

issue #4 table of contents

Grow or Die - a letter from the editor.

The New Clique - a psuedo-rant by the Ugliness Man

Arthur's World - Freedom. Freedom until it hurts. Random thoughts by Arthur Sankey.

Fear of a Utopian Planet - a commentary by Bobby Quine.

this page left plank - there used to be an article here. now there isn't.

Floating Alone - prose by mindcrime.

demolisten - independant music reviews by Kevin Clow.

Injustice - an account by Scott Gray.

I'm sittin around... - a rambling commentary by Mr. Underhill

rot - poetry by Christopher Michael.

A Fable - The Wolf and the Crane.

Contact Dash It! - how to make submissions and get in touch with us.

Links - categorized.

Archive - brief guide to all the issues available so far.

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