Fear of a Utopian Planet

By Bobby Quine

I've been hearing alot about gun control lately. The need for more gun control laws, no wait... less gun control laws... or was it bigger guns for officers of the law... maybe it was bigger guns for movie stars... In any case, I began thinking (wow), what would the world be like, if there were no guns? Well "hmmm," I thought, lets pretend:

   Planet Earth 
-  One Instrument Of Death & Destruction 
=  a beautiful utopian planet??? 
Well, not really. We've found hundreds of thousands of innovative ways to inflict death and destruction. Guns however, are seemingly the most popular among the masses. Perhaps because of their wide variety of styles and shapes. I can just see myself in a gun shop now, "Ooooo, look at that baby, wouldn't you love to blow a quarter inch hole through someones head with that!" Yes. I am being sarcastic.

I'm all for rights and freedom, but would the world be a horrible place if we all lacked the ability to go out and purchase a "killing machine", with which we could pointlessly end animal/human lives, take out old man Stanford's christmas lights, or perhaps even rob a bank? For some strange reason, I doubt it.

I'm all for fighting crime, as well. However I fail to see how police officers carrying larger, more powerful weapons, is going to put an end to crime, or even have a slight effect on the amount of crime, for that matter. Does a bank robber contemplate how large the police officer's gun is going to be when he robs a bank? I wouldn't know, I've never robbed a bank before, but for some strange reason, I have trouble believing that too.

The world may not be a beautiful utopian paradise without guns, but I'm almost positive it would be a better place than we happen to inhabit at the current moment.

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