Grow or Die

Itís a law of nature. You either grow, or you die. Dash It is growing. No, not the size of the print zine. We canít really do more than 16 pages until thereís more money available. However, the general concepts that Dash It was built on are starting to grow. Especially here on the internet. As well as this, the Dash It web site, which is always changing, there is now AntiSocial Activities. Soon, many organizations, zines, and individuals that are part of the anti-social experience will be invited to become a part of this collective. Thereís no initiation, no obligations, no meetings to attend, no dues to pay. For some, becoming a part of AntiSocial Activites to some will be little more than a name and a link on the web page. Others will wear it like a badge, saying "fuck you, Iím AntiSocial". And what exactly does "anti-social" mean? Well, councellors and psychologists will give you a definition that is made to sound like a bad thing, but probably applies to most teenagers. In this context, however, it means you wonít let yourself become a victim to the propaganda and lies that youíre being fed by the schools, the government, and the mass media. It means that you can call yourself an anarchist if you want, and still get along with someone who has a different way of thinking than you, even if they call themselves an anarchist, too. It means youíre allowed to hate all the music that they play on the radio, or you can love all the top 40 tunes, and either way you will defy any label that people try to put on you. It means that no matter how much THE MAN tries to tell you youíve lost the fight before you even started, you know that he has no power over you, and if you resist long enough, someday you may replace him.

So why bother with the collective? Well, no matter how strong your arm is, it canít really do anything without the rest of your body. So, if you consider yourself AntiSocial, letís grow together. Itís the best way to stay alive. In order to defy the laws of man, we first have to heed to the laws of nature.

AntiSocial Activities

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