and an aura of stinging circuits was all that remained to be seen
spheres degeneratively massive dance in tremors near the abyss
nothing was less than more

a quarry, near a river, tarnished thoughts and rusted expressions
an open hill echoed the sudden deluge of engineer's blood
cracks in the efface of the once natural, born screaming into rivers of rotting gasps
the warmth of animals hiding in fanatical stenches and armed memories

pushing....tearing the widening hole, dry mouths listening
the race of thought benighted in grotesque, dust-sized universes

languid terror spoken in its true tongue
saturating the expressionless masses in motive desire
antique behomenths struggle once again to survive
threatened by companies of insane fractal terrors

legions of streaming demons prostrate
torn through time immortal by hopelessness

1998 Christopher Michael
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