the new dashit! update - 8 articles for issue #3 are complete.
well, some of you may be wondering what took so long for issue #3 to get off the ground. aside from the fact that I have always been a terrible procrasinator, I recently lost my job. At first, I was hoping that I could use my bitterness about "being brought down by the MAN" to my advantage, and make it a source of strength to continue (and reshape) this zine. Well, it sure has been reshaped, but i don't know if it's because of the job situation. It partly is, but the change was already happening. Feedback from issue #1 and apparant lack of interest for issue #2 made me realize that I had to swallow my pride and admit that some of my initial visions were a little blurred. I won't really go into specifics here, but I hope the changes are apparant. Still, none of this did a lot to motivate me to get the damn thing done.

Then, a stroke of luck. While looking thru a Korn newsgroup, I saw an ad totally unrelated to Korn - this type of advertising is known as "spam" in certain internet applications. Unlike most spam, it wasn't promoting a porn site or a get-rich-quick scheme, but it mentioned t-shirts and stickers, and since the URL of the web site was, i was intrigued. When I went to the site, i was very happy. The site said nearly everything I've been trying to say with my zine, and said it better than I ever could. This gave me the inspiration I needed to get off my ass and continue the thing that dashit is destined to be. As if that weren't enough, a friend of mine told me that she saw some newsletter taped to a lightpost downtown. This was Pester Press, a really well-written collection of articles. I was happy to see it, and then pleasantly shocked to find out that it was Dash It (more specifically, Da Pope) which inspired it!

The future of the print zine is unknown, since I am, as mentioned earlier, unemployed, and producing the print zine costs money (a little less than $100 each issue). But the web zine will live on. There's still a few more articles to go before issue #3 is done, but the 8 that are up are worth checking out.

Kevin Clow

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