Dash It! issue #3 DashIt! issue #3

The New View - a letter from the editor, about the new DashIt!

Arthur's World - Misc. Thoughts from Arthur Sankey.

F.O.E. Speaks - in case you didn't know alreay, the world is shit

newSo That's What They're Afraid Of! - Christian homophobia in Alberta, by Reverend Charles Bidwell

Pester Press - the views they don't want you to hear (DashIt's sister zine)

Stop It - some guy bitches about that ridiculous Clinton/Lewinsky scandal (lifted from a newsgroup)

Fair-weather trends - a long, disorganized and somewhat self-serving rant

Pot or Not? - a really lame title for a short, simplistic article about why marijuana should be legalized, newwith a few clips from spunk.org.

demolisten - independant music reviews

March of the Mods - some of the best of computer-generated music, an article by the ugliness man

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