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update - 8 articles for issue #3 are complete.

well, well, welcome! this is dashit! the web zine. if you've been here before, go ahead and hit the "Enter" button to go to the main page. We're changing!

for those first time visitors, you probably wanna know what this is all about. dashit! is a D.I.Y. zine based out of Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada. it's a simple little 16-page zine. if you want a copy of any particular issue (including the inaugural "pre-release issue 0"), send us a dollar, and IRC, or an "international" stamp. go to the contact page to find out where to send it. Click here for a list of Dash It! issues so far. New visitors should also go here for quick instructions on navigating your way around this site.

just about any form of creative writing is considered for inclusion, so if you think you have something worthwhile to say, send it in.


If you haven't been here for awhile, check out this letter from the editor regarding changes

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