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Subject: stop it 
Date: Sun, 13 Sept. 1998 00:51:53 -0500 
From: Gary  

I'll never forget the horror, revulsion, and disrespect I felt towards the Islamic leaders when they called for, or endorsed, the death threat aimed at the lone voice of Salman Rushdie. That, more than anything else, has forever tainted my view of Islam.

It is that same gut wrenching disgust I now feel towards the religious leaders of this great country who would have nothing less than the political head of President Clinton to satisfy their rush to judgment and lust for vengeance.

Since we're all 'sending a message' these days, why not show the WORLD the noble and honorable quality of Christian compassion and forgiveness, even as you hope that Jesus would forgive you. And for those who just couldn't wait to read all the salacious details, I suspect a good lot of you would have stoned Jesus for defending Mary the prostitute. How sad.

And embarrassing for our country??? THINK AGAIN! We should be proud, YES PROUD, to demonstrate to the world that even the most powerful Man in the world can be held accountable for his actions. If I were living in Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, I'd be thinking, "WOW! I want to go to AMERICA! Lord knows we can't even be suspected of questioning our 'leader' here."

Lied under oath? Only to questions that should never have been asked except in issues of national security. I'm sure none of you have skeletons in your closet. It was not murder, or torture, or selling drugs to children. It was an indiscretion by two consenting adults that was (I can assume) pleasant for both of them.

Leave President Clinton Alone. He has done so much for us. He has suffered enough. In fact, I think we should subject Kenneth Starr to the same draconian scrutiny. What bones could we dig up there?

When I think back through history at the 'leaders' that have come before; Hitler, pol pot, batista, caligula, saddam, just to scratch the surface, there can be NO doubt that President Clinton's transgression is as insignificant as a candle is to a nuclear furnace. It is time to dowse this national fire.

Gary K. TX.

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