"The Fall" (by Ministry) 
All of us were taken 
All that was is gone 
Of this information 
Shames us one and all 
Where's my compensation? 
Watching others fall 
Welcome to the fall 
Everything is useless 
Nothing works at all 
Nothing ever matters 
Welcome to the fall 
from Filthpig 

Al Jourgenson sure said it best. There's never been a better description of the downfall of society of life. It's sad that this is true. In fact it burns deep insdide to believe this, but this is how it is. Society has left us on our own and with our own self-destructiveness; we've killed ourselves. You can say I've sold out for writing what i feel about a song from a major label band, you can say it's not D.I.Y., but if bands like Ministry, NIN and Rage Against the Machine weren't on major labels, most of us wouldn't get to hear some of the most honest intelligent thoughts and beliefs in today's music world. Face the fact, you've already sold out, and now I'm watching you fall. This world is shit.

- F.O.E.

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