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My Girlfriend's Favorite Band My Girlfriend's Favorite Band (self titled)

Call it a weakness, but Iím often prejudice against any music which is hard to describe, yet doesnít sound like They Might Be Giants. However, MGFB are not to be passed off as weirdness for the sake of weirdness. If I had to decide on a way to describe them, it would be surf/lounge-influenced indy rock. And itís quite impressive that thereís 9 songs here, and all of them fit in somewhere; quite often demos like this will have one or two songs that could be called "filler". Also refreshing is the way they dedicated it to the memory if W.W. Wane, their bass player, without coming off like a sappy tribute. Contact Acidsoxx Musicks, PO Box 365, Tremont, IL, USA, 61568.

Dyno-Mites Dyno-Mites - ...According to Reabo Feathers

Dyno-Mites are actually kind of new by some standards, but they are one of PEIís longest lasting indy bands. Lovingly packaged in a zip-locģ bag with multi-purpose stickers, this is a fun little 6 track demo (well, 4 if you donít count the Ďintroí and Ďoutroí). Like most good indy bands, Dyno-Mites are much better live than on tape, but this recording is a very good example of their talent. I heard that they were a little unsatisfied with the mix, but I actually think itís one of the best mixes Iíve heard on a demo since hHeadís "Fireman". My main complaint is that itís so short, and the intro/outro thing didnít really do much for me, except to fill in some space. Contact: Dyno-Mites, 251 Queen St., Chítown, PEI, Canada C1A 4B9

Monoxides the Monoxides - Hints and Shortcuts

I was not fortunate enough to hear The Monoxides previous works, but this live compilation is a high- energy thrill ride of sound. (hey, sometimes cliches and buzzwords actually work!). Itís very rare for independent bands to put out live albums, but these Moncton, NB rockers were definitely up to the task. Again, at 6 tracks, itís too short, but any serious collector of indy music should get a hold of this CD. "Little Bitta Rosie" alone is worth the price of admission. Contact the Monoxides Worldwide Fan Club, 1562 Danforth Ave., Box 72072, Toronto, ON, M4J 5C1.

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