dashit! mailbag
dashit mailbag

Yikes! I was hoping for feedback from issue #1, but I never expcected the negative vibes I got. It seems that a lot of people feel very strongly that if I’m going to call this a D.I.Y. zine, there are certain things that should be left out. A real D.I.Y. zine shouldn’t review albums released on major labels. A real D.I.Y. zine shoulding advertise a major chain of music stores. A real D.I.Y. zine should use more space for activism, anarchism, anti-oppression, and anti-hate, and less space for video game reviews and mindless humour. Call me crazy, but to me, that sounds like reverse censorship. In an effort to clarify, I shall explain what I feel D.I.Y. means. Local independant bands are unsatisfied with the music that’s out there, so they make their own music. Do It Yourself. Kids are sick of the adults in power not paying attention to their causes, so they make their own fights for these causes. Do It Yourself. People feel that the existing publications are full of shit, so they publish their own zine. Do It Yourself. See a pattern? At one time, I wrote a demo review column for the Buzz. At the time, the Buzz was the coolest zine available in my little world. These days, it seems way too mainstream and commercial (as discussed in the Pope’s slam, from the pre-release issue #0). On the other hand, the D.I.Y. zines, such as Disgrusted and Hideous Project, are great featuring topics other publications won’t discuss, openly and honestly, but they seem rather heavy to me. That is, it’s all about issues and rants and “Fight the Power”. Yes, these things are extremely important, but am I the only one who sometimes switches the news off to watch the comedy network? I need to deal with important issues, but still have something totally mundane and firvolous to smile about. As for the more specific complaints... I am not going to tell my writers what they can and can’t write, for whatever reason. Josh Hogan (Listening Booth) writes about his thoughts on the music he listens to. What label a band is on doesn’t, and shouldn’t, affect what happens in his brain when the music penetrates his ears. EMI’s financial involvement in arms manufacturing will be the topic of an article next issue, and a rant about major labels in general will be printed sometime if someone hands in a good one. But Josh will continue to review whatever albums he wants to, and I will not censor him. As for the video game reviews, that column has been chucked due to lack of interest (file under “It seemed like a good idea at the time”). You may notice that there is no demolisten this month, but there is still a Listening Booth. This seems contradictory to some readers’ wishes, but the sad fact is I have no demos to review for this issue. I cannot control this.

As I mentioned earlier, there was objection to the inclusion of Disc Go Round in the ads. The main problem seems to be that it is a major chain, and some feel that they rip people off. I strongly disagree. I have sold and bought CDs there, and I have never felt ripped off. The CDs I bought, I couldn’t find elsewhere for the same (or better) price, and the discs I sold, noone else wanted. True, they usually sell discs for twice or more what they paid, but they are not sneaky or deceptive about this, because they are not really doing anything wrong. They don’t hold a gun to your head and force you to sell your CD to them. The local D.I.Y. alternative is Back Alley Discs, to which I give equal space. I visit Back Alley every chance I get, but sometimes when I’m in Charlottetown, I have to be back home (Summerside) by 11:30 am or earlier, and Back Alley doesn’t open until noon. When I can, I go to Back Alley first, but I have no real reason to boycott Disc Go Round. I like both stores, I advertise both.

Hopefully, I can sum this up (until the next batch of complaints) with a quote. One of the politely nasty email I recieved had the following quote at the end: “One has no obligations except to oneself” (Max Stirner). My thoughts exactly. I try to give people information to help them make decisions, but I am under no obligation to censor or boycott anything. I am only obliged to myself to make a zine that I am happy with, and after that I hope a few other people like it, too.


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