Boycott Bonanza!

Here are a few companies whose products and services are currently being boycotted by various groups, and the reasons. For more information and details, go to Michael Schillo's boycott page. it also has links to other boycott pages

PROCTER & GAMBLE - Every year Procter and Gamble tests its more toxic products on over 50,000 animals. They put chemicals in their eyes, force them to ingest chemicals, and put chemicals on their skin. They claim to do it for safety purposes, but the information they seek can be obtained without animal testing.

NIKE - Citizens Against Labor Exploitation has called for a boycott of Nike in response to the company's treatment of workers in its factories in Indonesia, Viet Nam and throughout Asia. Workers in Nike's factories are subjected to physical abuse, sexual abuse, low wages, poor working conditions, and oppressive quota systems.

McDONALD’S - The McLibel Support Campaign urges consumers to boycott McDonald's fast-food restaurants in response to the company's efforts to censor its critics. McDonald's has used threats of legal action for many years to silence criticism of its business practices. Through the use of libel suits, McDonald's has attempted to stifle the voices of protestors criticizing the company's policies regarding promoting unhealthy food, targeting children in advertising campaigns, being anti-union and paying low wages, cruelty to animals, etc.

TEXACO - Texaco's operations within the Ecuadorian rainforest have had devestating consequences upon the ecosystem as well as upon the lives of Ecuador's indigenous peoples. Texaco abandoned its operations in Ecuador in 1992, and has since refused to clean up the pollution it left behind. Texaco's toxic waste dumps and pollution of the Amazon have resulted in serious health problems for the region's inhabitants.

FORD - The Ford Motor Company's Belfast plant engages in discriminatory hiring practices. Although located in 80% Catholic West Belfast, only 38.5% of the Ford plant's skilled labor force is Catholic. In response to this trend of anti-Catholic discrimination, the INC has led a boycott of Ford since 1986.

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dashit! does not endorse or discourage any boycott. this is simply for your information. don’t let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn’t buy, anymore than you would let them tell you what to believe.

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