under construction, dammit

Normally, I view "Under Construction" icons with distaste. After all, no good web page is ever truely "finished", and the entire web is always "under construction". But in some cases, I feel they are acceptable, and this is one of those. The design and structure of this site is undergoing major changes. However, the one thing that's about a zillion times more annoying than the icons, is when a site does an overhaul and simply posts a "coming soon" message, leaving you with nothing to read, and really not much to look forward to. What they should do is allow you to still access the "old" site as it was in the meantime. That's what I'm doing here.

Issue #4 - the current issue.

Archive - past issues.

Contact info - both snail and email addresses have changed.

I thank you for your patience. When issue #5 is done, the site will be officially relaunched.

This Small Press 'Zine site is owned by Dash It

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