Have a Good Day, Don't Bang Your Head!

the continuing misadventures of El Stunno


Well, the most obvious question on your mind, after reading the name of this page, is Ďwhat the hell?í Yísee, thereís this guy I know, who is known as ĎEl Stunnoí for this article this guy is... well, to say the least, interesting. to be quite frank, heís pretty weird. Iíve known him for over a year now, and he has provided me with a fair bit of entertainment. he doesnít try, he just happens to say stupid things at times, and i started to realize after awhile that these things were so accidentally amusing that they needed to be archived. so, from time to time, this page will consist of a list of anecdotes, little stories of things that happen when heís around. and sometimes i will ask him to write down some spontaneous babblings. if thereís enough, this page will consist of things that he has said which merit repeating. if none of the above are available, i will simply try to collect some similar babblings from various sources. for now, here are a few bits of conversations we have had:

him: Iím tired 
me: well, go take a nap 
him: God, no, I might fall asleep! 
 (talking about music) 
me: nah, I donít like that R&B stuff 
him:oh, so I guess you donít like Rhythm and Blues, either 
I think thereís a piece of apple stuck in my throat 
(insert hacking sound) 
oh, there it is! 

iíd say thatís more than enough. hopefully, iíll get him to write something on purpose for the next issue. also, iíll explain the story behind the name of this page. until then,


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