Spedwok with Yan: a compilation

"This cassette is a compilation that features 5 local P.E.I. bands. Every band has been together for over a year. Four of the bands are active in the Charlottetown scene and four of the bands are 100% high school students. We made this tape to show that anybody can put out a tape without spending $15,000."
I rarely quote liner notes so thoroughly, but i couldn't say it any better. Ever since I recieved the rhinocerous afrodeesiak ep by superfluous pretzel over a year ago, I've been an avid supporter of the Spedwok team (the name comes from its 3 root bands: superfluous pretzel, ed who, and Ewoks), and it pleases me to finally review this release.
"Atari on Safari" is a somewhat haunting instrumental by Ewoks, with guitar effects that seem vocal. "Skydealer" is a driving, almost-happy scorcher by ed who, with a guitar lick that follows the melody line note for note. Very cool effect. Spedwok's newest inductee is Watchmaker. This band has potential, and they have a pretty good live presence, but they still have a long way to go. Their offering, "Simply Retarded" has growled vocals and in-yo-face drums. "Gravy" by Toothpaste/Dentifrice is a surf instrumental inspired by the same bands who influenced Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet. Lack of rhythm guitar hinders this one a bit, but Alex's happy fingers make up for it. "20%" is a wicked multi-beat growler by ed who. My one suggestion for this one would be to have Chelsea singing back-up in the chorus. "Pockets of Style" by Ewoks reminds me of Ontario's The Stand GT, but more laid-back. "Rickshaw Troubles" by Toothpaste/Dentifrice doesn't stray too far from "Gravy". On this one, Alex's tremelo bar makes me wanna hang ten. And "Happy as a Corpse" by superfluous pretzel doesn't sound a lot like the stuff on their ep (see above), except for the quiet vocals. I was surprised to hear real drums on this one, because sp's previous work had none at all or those of the electronic variety.
This is a must-have for those who collect demos, and is available at Back Alley Discs in Charlottetown, at live shows that the bands play, or by contacting Nathan at Spedwok's headquarters.
contact: Spedwok Records c/o Nathan Townshend, Little York, RR#1 PEI, C0A 1P0

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