"Well rehearsed and musically diverse, Ojas has been mixing and producing their unique blend of melodic hardcore, prog-rock and No-Wave jazz since their inception."(quote from cover letter) The sound in a single song jumps from soothing ballad to operatic frenzy to funky metal in a heartbeat. With such a unique sound and song titles like "Gobs of Heavy Lettuce", "Occupaional Copulation", and "5,000 lbs of Unfinished Laundry", these guys will find themselves being compared to Zappa and Primus (which is a good thing)

contact Andy Johnson, A-23rd St., San Fransisco, CA, 94110

andy.johnson@sierraclub.org is the e-mail address they gave me, but for some reason, it didn't work... anyway, it might work for you, so you can try it if you like.