Indie Empire
Hi!... here is our alternative compilation

Until a few years ago, I found it hard to enjoy the Christian music that was trying to pass itself off as simply the Gospel version of good modern music. Most Christian rap sounded like crappy breakdance music (is that redundant?), and the "metal" was no more than Poison/Warrant wanna-be glam rock. But now some of the bands frustrated by this very truth have started making their own noise. To the ear, these artists can stand up to all levels of "alternative-ness" (still a futile debate), and this compilation has many shining moments, from the hard-driving "Had a Clue" by State of Grace, to the acoustic silliness of Jason Underground. So for all you Christians who want your faith reflected in your music, now you have options.

note: after writing this review, I found out that Indie Empire no longer exists, but its parent label Metro One is still functioning.
contact: Metro One, 2025 W. Balboa Blvd., 2nd Floor, Newport Beach, CA, 92663
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