Cinnamon Toast Records ...trim crusts if desired

In 1991, 5 ambitious music lovers started a label with the intention of adding quality to the somewhat underground market of 7" records. The records themselves were always colorful, and the music etched on them represented a wide variety of styles, the main consistency being the indie/ garage/DIY spirit. More than a few of these artists have enjoyed success, including jale, Thrush Hermit, Eric's Trip, and Hardship Post, as well as Ch'town's own Strawberry. This compilation is Cinnamon Toast's first cassette/CD release (coinciding with "burners on" by Rebecca West, also on the 2 'modern' formats), but the format doesn't compromise the integrity of the music. The quality and spirit of the artists prove once again that indie music rules! contact: Cinnamon Toast Records, P.O. Box 2665, Halifax Central, Halifax, NS B3J 3P7.
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