here is a list of the artists you can find reviewed on this web site

Charlie's Pipe Dream. Pop-punkafunkadelic.
Robert Deeble and Days Like These. Modern Folk.
Dyno-Mites! - more fun indie rock!
The Fish. Basic rock, a la Northern Pikes etc.
gavin + worm. very odd 'art rock'.
Ground Round. Punk.
Headgear. also very odd, but not rock, kinda ambient.
Merge. Kick-ass garage grunge!
Nerdy Girl. Indie chick-core.
Noise. Punk.
Ojas. (pronounced Oh-jus) Funky, unconventional, Zappa-esque
The Plan. Fresh rock with roots metal influences.
Schpinsch. Metal/grunge/punk.
Six String Malfunction. Very pleasant ambient noise.
Skinkeeper. Garage rock with a slightly industrial feel.
Sleep In Safety. Industrial/ambient/techno.
Someone Else's Problem. Very original electronic rock a la Feelies, Talking Heads and surf tunes.
Song From A Random House. 'avant-folk' with unconventional instruments.
Space Opera - A combination of words and extemporized music mediums.
Stone River. Smooth bar rock with a 70's feel a la Doobie Brothers and Dire Straits.
Strawberry. Sometimes sweet, sometimes wild
superfluous pretzel. even more lo-fi than garage!
TolerancE. Down-to-earth, monster metal.
The Woodpeckers. Slightly snotty bar rock.
David Zax and the Fuds. Also known as E.F.E., very unique rock sound.

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