Andy Sloan


This one-man project is just dripping with dry wit and satire. I don't mean direct parody like Weird Al, but subtle, like when Metallica covers Def Leppard songs in concert. Musically, he's all over the board, from the music-box ballad "My Worst Nightmare" to the hard-core (old school) rap of "Kickin' the Weak Shit". Andy wrote all the songs himself, except for "Paranoid", Black Sabbath's classic. Andy's version is a techno-industrial instrumental that you have to hear to believe, and in it, he manages to satire 3 concepts at the same time. This is not one for those who don't get the humour in "The Simpsons", but it is a one-of-a-kind project that I hope is just the beginning.

contact: Andy Sloan, 147 Haseco Ave. #3, Port Chester, NY, 10573

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