Blinded By Darkness

To make a long story short, TolerancE, in their own way, sound like Metallica without being Metalli-clones. Inspired yet original guitars, drums that aren't just background, and vocals that have honesty and emotions but still bite like metal. While I have nothing against "growling" in metal (I love Pantera), this is a refreshing tape with real singing - and a bit of growling where appropriate. Speaking of vocals, be forewarned, the mix made them a little high, so if you adjust your volume before the singing starts, prepare for a bit of a jump.
These guyspretty much kick ass in concert, and for five bucks, this tape is worth a listen. Energy, headbangin', mosh pit, skateboards, 20 minutes of no-wimps-allowed ROCK. Copy this one for Grandma!

A Goatmilk and Cheese Christmas

Lo-fi, silly and unprecedented are the best descriptions of TolerancE Presents a Goatmilk and Cheese Christmas. The overall sound is strange, almost unrehearsed, and not at all typical of previous TolerancE stuff. The "traditional" Christmas songs have mostly or completely rewritten lyrics, with the exception of "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear", which has the original lyrics but no melody because they never heard the song before. The most memorable tracks are "Frosty the Snowman" (snow meaning cocaine in this case) and "Merry Xmas", which is almost a tribute to the Beatles' "Revolution 9". Note: there's lotsa swearing on this one, so if you're looking for a pleasant Christmas tape to add a nice family atmosphere to a Holiday gathering, buy Amy Grant. If you're looking for fun satire to drink to, check out the GMAC Christmas.
Contact TolerancE c/o Mike Arsenault, RR#1, Box 37, Wellington, PEI, C0B 2E0.

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