ukeleles, chord organ, viola, etc.

"The name Songs From A Random House implies that events portrayed in the groups songs could happen in anyone's life, in a house chosen at random. Many of the songs explore the moment when the familiar becomes strange, and the strange becomes familiar." (from Songs From A Random House : a helpful guide) The name of the tape states the primary instruments used by the band, and the "etc." represents others like mandolin, bongos, and lap steel guitar among others. No drum kit, no "common" type of guitar or bass and no piano. But while you're listening to the tape, you don't notice what's missing, all you notice is wonderfully unusual music. There are many interesting things that they have done and achieved. Too many to mention in this limited space, so write to them and request your own copy of "a helpful guide".
contact: Steven Swartz, 630 Garden St. #2, Hoboken, NJ, 07030 USA

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