Jump Over Mountains

Everyone Wants More


Someone Else's Problem is actually Doug Cornell, a business man, a family man, cyclist and multi-talented songwriter, musician and producer. Comparisons and apparent inspirations include David Byrne, Images in Vogue, David Bowie, early Thompson Twins, Thomas Dolby and disco-era Ministry. Jump Over Mountains is one man exploring for the first time what he can do by himself with a computer, guitar and keyboard. Everyone Wants More is a more challenging collection ranging from ten minute epics to three minute pop tunes. Safe is even more exploring and discovering than the its predecessors, but it's not a step backwards. The Thomas Dolby influence is most prevalent on this one. My favorite songs are "Red Wooden Beads" (from Everyone Wants More) and the very different-sounding cover of the English Beat's "Mirror in the Bathroom" (from Jump Over Mountains), with a couple of verses lifted from "I'm Not Your Stepping Stone" (trust me, it works!). Be on the lookout for a "best of" CD, planned for release in the spring, and a fourth tape, possibly a split e.p. (one side vocal, one side instrumental).
contact: Someone Else's Record Company, 6453 Pretti Rd., Corunna, MI, 48817

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