"Schpinsch" is German for "crazy", and roughly pronounced "svinch". "Cheavy" is pronounced like "Chevy", as in Chevrolet. This band was a legend, and it's unfortunate that we have to use past tense, but this is an excellent tape that will be a part of demo history forever. It's so surprisingly original that it's hard to pinpoint influences, but I'd say Tool, Misfits, Rollins, Metallica, Ramones, Danzig, Pantera and Nirvana are on the list. Live, these guys were amazing, with their own songs equalling the energy of their brilliant covers. The tape starts with the slightly Helmet-esque "Passage" and winds down with the almost-ballad "Posi-Negative". "Grey" has an amazing vocal effect, and "The Path"... well, does the phrase "mosh pit in your head" mean anything? If you don't already have this tape, GET IT!

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