SAWbELLY performed an unscheduled set at the end of the Summerside St. Patrick's Day mosh; they kicked ass! They mirror the Beastie Boys' punk days, only better-sounding -- they really got the crowd going. Phillip doesn't fully capture the energy of their live presence, but it's definitely worth picking up if you're a fan of punk with grumbly, incoherent vocals (Allan had a cold when this was recorded). The songs are true punk, with beat changes that keep you on your toes and attitude that makes you wanna mosh with your enemies. Their cover of Luka (which they call "2nd Floor" for legal reasons) is more original and satirical than Evan Dando's version, and "Dedication of Hate" is a Noise-fest (pun intended).
This 4-piece has opened for NOFX and "a couple of bands from Seattle and Toronto". I highly recommend that you get this tape, and you'd better catch them live when they play a Tupperware party near you.

contact: John Loring, P.O. Box 2140, Greenwood, NS, B0P 1N0.

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