$194.00 Down the Toilet

Noise have everything that a great pop-punk band should. Their tape has a cheap-looking, photocopied, cut 'n' paste cover and a wonderfully snotty name (referring, one would assume, to the cost of recording this demo). They only use their first names. They sing about nonconformity, rebelliousness, beating up cops and killing your parents. They say "shit" and "fuck" a lot, and they rip off Nirvana without looking cheap and stupid.
But the bad news is that they also have the one thing that so many bands of their ilk are cursed with: lousy production. The drums are hollow, and the guitar sounds like it's being played on the other side of a closed door. Which is too bad, really, 'cause as far as PUNK RAWK goes, Noise make good noise.

guest review by my brother Greg... co-editor of Stained Pages
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