Some NIM seven-inchers

Bad Luck No. 13: Les enfants terribles

Four songs of oy, sneers, and pogos. Their slogan is "Obscene with a Smile" and it fits. "T.O. Boys" is especially snotty.

idée du nord/Idea of North: Lawrence/Angel

I don't know French, so I can't comment on the lyrics, but the music is kinda new wave-ish and includes one up-beat, punkish song with pirated radio(?) commentary on Playboy bunnies, and one ballad-esque tune with occasionally nifty guitar effects. A nice addition to any 7" collection.

NFA: Playing Hell With Your Faith

Four songs of pure punk. Vocals not growled, but not melodic (like NOFX, but higher quality and not so whiny). "Malign" makes me smile.

Purple Knight: Night of Black Waters

If you like weird stuff, you'll love this. It's not like Frank Zappa, but I wouldn't recommend this to someone who hates Zappa (believe it or not, there are some). 2 1/2 songs on each side (literally -- "Circle of Fear" is split in half). A mid-70's indie band trying to be deep, interesting and eclectic. They succeed.

Bad Luck No. 13 also has a song called "Bastard" on a 7" compilation called Hardcore 94 ($5 from EnGuard at 2230A Coursol; Montreal, Quebec; H3J 1C5), also featuring Montreal's Ripcordz, Toronto's Hockey Teeth and Edmonton's Lams (sexist pigs).

Naked in the Marsh compilation
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