Naked in the Marsh

Various artists Naked in the Marsh/Tout Nu dans l'Marais compilation (10" 1992)
Produced by the Naked in the Marsh Organization in collaboration with CKUM-FM 105.7

This collection features 6 Maritime bands, all with historiessummarized in the liner notes. "Sickness", by Eric's Trip, is the usual D.I.Y. perfection you'd expect from the Moncton trio. Bad Luck #13's "I Never Really Liked You Anyway" nods to Generation X (the band, not the culture), with an extra touch of 'oy' that we don't get enough of around here. Idee du Nord (Idea of North) sounds kinda new wave-ish on "Le Fou", and the singing's in French. Odd song, kinda catchy. The two Front Porch songs, "Taking a Walk" and "Do the Monkey", are very short and very cool. They remind me of Billy and the Boingers (formerly Deathtongue, from Bloom County comics), with a funky Bootsauce feel. If you know and love Ottawa's Evaporators, you'll probably like Purple Knight. "Louie at the Store" has a Dead Milkmen story-telling tone to it. "Hands" by Syntax Error has an early 80's, non-distorted guitar la Devo feel to it. Good tune, but I wonder what else they did in their 6+ years...

6 bands, 7 songs, 10 inches, all on tasty lime green vinyl. To order, send $8 (postpaid in Canada) to NIM Records; 115 Liberty Cr., Moncton, NB, E1A 6K6.

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