I can just hear someone describing Merge as "the latest band to jump on the Maritime's popgrunge bandwagon". If you do actually hear someone say this, please slap them. This genre is not just a bandwagon and Merge do have their own sound. Of course, the elements are there: the "can't-afford-a-distortion-pedal-so-I'll-crank-a-crappy-amplifier" guitar sound; the "I-can't-sing-and-I-don't-care" vocals; and drums that keep the beat and tie everything together, but don't want the spotlight. Plus we have one of those rare gems, "Ukelele Sound". You must listen to this odd song with headphones with your eyes closed - you'll picture a party in the next room, and your buddy trying to play his ukelele softly so he won't disturb the party, while your other buddy is whispering in your ear about... well, you'll have to hear it.

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