Painting Vulgar Dreams 7"

One problem with some of the punk genre is lack of variety. For example, on the Offspring's appropriately titled Smash, aside from 3 hits and a ska tune, all the songs have the same basic sound. But Ground Round are different. In fact, if you just listened to "714 Humboldt", you might not even call them punk. But further listening reminds us that punk is more than just a sound, it's an attitude (a statement which almost invalidates my Offspring comment). My favorite track on this 4-song EP is "Nate Theory", which sounds a little like the aforementioned Offspring, a little like Ottawa's Furnaceface and a little like Halifax's NFA. Being an EP, this isn't one of those recordings you'll put on your strereo for a long term listen, but each song is great for putting on mixed tapes.

contact: Ground Round, P.O. Box 3123, Santa Rosa, CA, 95402
702 Records P.O. Box 204, Reno NV, 89504

note: 702 Records is one of 2 companies run mainly by Pete Menchetti, the other being Sticker Guy!, an independant sticker manufacturer dealing only with independant bands, companies, clubs, etc.

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