gavin + worm

compulsive/obsessive EP

This is Spedwok's second studio-only project and Spedwok Records' second cassette release. They call themselves "art rock". I prefer to call them "garage rock that's grown up". Mainly guitar and drums (no bass) with overdubs (courtesy of a 4-track named "domo"), the exception being "The Pegs", a 2-part oddity with 2 guitar tracks, vocals and a really cheap sounding keyboard.

I have 2 theories on the lyrics on this tape : 1) there's an inner struggle of how to be "alternative" without trying to be, because "alternative" should just be about being yourself and living life the best way you can, or 2) they don't mean anything. (I'm probably wrong on both counts)

As for comparisons, gavin's vocals and guitar work resemble J Mascus of Dinosaur Jr., and the general sound and tempo changes reflect early Sonic Youth.

(cost is $6.50 plus $1 or 1 international stamp for S&H)
for more info on this and other Spedwok projects, contact Nathan Townshend c/o Spedwok Records, Little York RR#1, PE, C0A 1P0.

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