The Fish

Literal Idiot Box

"Apt. 19"/"Broken Way"cassette single

A brief history: The Fish was a top 40/oldies cover band who played at variety shows and Spinnaker's Landing for a few years before hitting the mosh scene. The band's singer (Pat) and drummer (Gil) both moved away a few months later, so the Fish are no more. Unfortunately, almost all indie bands are hard rock, metal or punk. There's nothing wrong with these bands, but limited styles can get tiresome. The Fish proved that an indie band could record some cool songs with virtually no moshability. Some sarcastically refer to the Fish as a Pearl Jam tribute band due to the saturation of PJ songs in their set lists (about 40%), but there's very little PJ influence in their recordings. There are some heavy moments, but there are a lot of moderate spots and a few softer bits where Pat's voice almost emulates Michael Crawford. Again, something different, but in a different way than The Plan.

Note: The single is a separate release, and neither of its songs are on Literal Idiot Box.

contact: Patrick Brunet; 51 MacDougall Dr.; Summerside, PE; C1N 5E4

Note: the two wayward members have returned, so the Fish have reformed, but are now known as Mercury (Hg). Also, members are working in side projects, one of which is Phoondogz, who are currently working on a demo. Keep watching this page for details.

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