Days Like These

Robert Deeble was a solo artist performing with friends in coffee houses, and the group Days Like These evloved, adding bass, cello and drums to Deeble's guitar and vocals. The music is very much café culture, cleaned up a bit for the studio. Very reflective and slightly psychedelic, this is the kind of music that is hard to dislike, and a select group will consider this CD one of their favorites. Underground 'zine reviews and a broadcast of the CD as a new artist spotlight on a local radio station have given Days Like These a strong underground and college radio following in their native California. The final cut on this 10-track journey is "Rock-a-bye", a beautiful duet with the legendary Victoria Williams (!). With lines like "how can I tell you of life's sweet caress without showing you scars" and "if you never had to fall, you'd have no need for a Saviour at all", this song is typical of the contemplative poetry found throughout this CD.

contact: Liberation Music; 2005 Palo Verde Ave. #230; Long Beach, CA; 90815
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