Another alternative for Island Students

High school graduates planning to pursue a post-secondary education on Prince Edward Island now have one more option: Compucollege School of Business.

Compucollege has several unique features that distinguish it from other local schools, the most noticable of which is probably the convenient scheduling of the courses. Most programs last a mere 5 to 6 months, with classes lasting only 4 hours a day, though a hefty three hours of homework is expected. Classes also begin every month, and can be slated in the morinings or afternoons.

Another of Compucollge's distintions is, obviously, its stress on computer skills. Students learn a variety of microcomputer applicatons, including such prominent applications as Lotus 1-2-3, WordPerfect, and even some desktop publishing programs.

On the down side, Compucollege's tuition is a staggering $4,000, though the compression of the courses explains the hefty price tag. The Canada Student Loans Plan and provincial student aid program are available to qualified students. Another disadvantage is that the college's hours are limited to those of the Confederation Court Mall, so use of the facilities is limited. An advantage of being located in the mall, however, is having access to a shopping centre between classes.

Grade 12 or mature student status is required for admission to Compucollege. The school can occupy 300 students. Call 894-5582 for more information.

- Terri Murphy
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